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These are the dudes that make up the TRADEMARK experience!

bulletJohn --- Keyboards
bulletDan --- Drums
bulletKen --- Guitar & Vocals
bulletJim --- Sax and Hawaiian Nose Yodelling


Raised by wolves in North Dakota, John picked up the Accordion at an early age and never looked back... 'til he caught both nipples in the bellows during the Pennsylvania Polka! He still cringes when he hears that song...and no longer entertains with his accordion, a blow still resounding up and down the hollow, lonely streets of Hamtramck! He is gradually being weaned from his sports bra and may one day be a productive member of some society!



Dan was left on a doorstep and was originally named Dan Sealtest. He worked as a Good Humor Man in the streets of Fairbanks, Alaska until his lead dog died, leaving Dan a full set of Ludwig Roto-Toms in his will. The rest is history and, as you may have guessed, excruciatingly dull!


Ken ran away from the orphanage when he turned 34. Unprepared for life on the street, he became a mail prostitute, reading pornographic e-mails to religious cult members in British Honduras. He is famous for his method of stringing guitars with vermicelli, without laughing...EVER!


Jim turned 12 on his 17th birthday and began his musical career at the drop of a hat. Still searching for his hat, he stumbled into a liquor store and kept stumbling for several years after. Once he discovered that you blow into the little end, his saxophone playing began to make sense! Not so much actual music, but sense up the ass!

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