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All the tenor sax you can eat!

Chow down!

Plas Johnson, King Curtis, Lee Allen, Sil Austin, Clifford Scott, Sam Taylor, and Red Prysock all laughed hysterically when they heard the inept honking of Jim Prescott, as will you. No matter! This is what you get!

Home of world famous HORN ON THE COB!

Here's a picture of the suspected Viagra bandit and his moll!

Use caution as he is either EXTREMELY well armed or VERY happy to see you!

---- Some of these may take a minute or two!

Honky Tonk (Live)

Flamingo (Live)

Swingin'Sheepdip Blues(Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Unhinged Melody (Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Tore Up (Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Eh Key - Bray Key (Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Secret Love (Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Hard Times(Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Linda(Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Georgia on my Case(Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

Root 666(Live)The Jim Prescott Combo

The Jim Prescott Combo consists of: Denny Cox-Guitar, Vocals = Danny Brucato-Drums= Jerry Jablonowski-Keyboards

Slow Wank (The Prescott All Stars)

Hard Times (The Slop)(The Prescott All Stars)

Son of Summerstein(The Prescott All Stars)

Ram-Bum-Shus(The Prescott All Stars)

Tuff(The Prescott All Stars)

Walkin' With Mystery(The Prescott All Stars)

Groove's Groove(The Prescott All Stars)

Drainhole Riot(The Prescott All Stars)

The Prescott All-Stars are: Paul Simons-Guitar = Danny Terrell-Organ and Bass = Jimmy Howard-Drums and Hairdo

Victoria's Secretion

Nite Train



Blue Angel

Lardy Miss Claudy

Baby, I Wonder

Every One Could See(But Me)

Canadian Sunstroke

Love Will Find It's Way

Partly Clothed

I'd Rather Sing About You

What The People Say

On Broadway

Indelibly Blue


Midnite Ride

Try and Try

Any Fool Can See


Soul Machine-the Marcus Terry Demo

Soul Machine-the Reggie Milner VOLT Records single

Walter Melonball by Smokey & the Flames (vinyl)

Yellow Sun Records (For Suzy by special request!)

One Foot in the Groove

Somebody Shoot Me

Honky Tonk YouTube Video


Happy Days at Audio Designs and Mfg, in Roseville, Michigan about 1978

Yes, I am the excruciatingly handsome weasel in the center!

This console was custom made by ADM for Techiku Recording in Tokyo, Japan

and was one of, if not THE first 24 track console in that country!


Big Deal!

Check out the TRADEMARK web site's schedule for my appearances with them. Amazingly, this site has been up dated recently in honor of the Death of Cave-in Coolidge, the Heavy Metal bagpipe virtuoso!


or THIS if you dare

Here's whut's happnin' with Smilin' Ed Zelenak aka Lil Davey & the Goliaths

Lil Davey and the Dipsomaniacs Schedule

The Joe Podorsek Swiss Army Orchestra schedule will be posted as soon as I figure out what the hell it is!

"Ask not what kind of band I've got!

"Ask yourself what kind of band you need!"

"THAT'S the kind of band I've got!"

.....from the Joe Podorsek Manual of Generic Musical Axioms, Fudpucker Press 1996

For those to whom nine-hundred and ninety-nine words is insufficient! -

A leading authority on this subject, one Suzy Keen, has pointed out that there may be intellectually challenged browsers and browserettes who will not know that I'm talking about Photographs here! I, however, contend that Darwinism will have almost certainly weeded them out before ever they reach the hallowed Prescottland, here at the bottom of the web site barrel!

Don't miss the immodestly named Craig Strain Music site at Strained Beats

Thought for the Millenium

"The electric guitar is to musical instruments what the electric chair is to furniture!"

.....Jim Prescott ca 1990

You can contact me, Jim Prescott, for all the good it'll do you, at---


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The Memphis Soul Stewges... With a special guest appearance by Shemp Zelenak's sensual elbow!

Little Dippy and the Laundromats...


If you've heard it all before...


Prepare to hear it all again!

Doctor Disco's Revenge...

So long, and thanx fer stoppin' by Prescottland here at WWW.PUREHONK.COM, where tacky is more than a mere word, it's a mere way of life!!!

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If you spend all your time looking out for number one you're bound to step in a little number two.

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